Thursday, 3 March 2011

More signage

Beautiful gold-leaf lettering on a green background in Fitzrovia. Rather spoiled by the tacky plastic sign stuck beneath it.

The Ascent of Man

Three screenshots from Dr Jacob Bronowski's 1974 BBC documentary 'The Ascent Of Man'. The sculpture is used to illustrate the different methods of perception, but I was struck by the hints of Symbolism and proto-Surrealism in the composition.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Shop signs

Some assorted shop signage spotted recently, the top two are in Margate. There's something quite poignant about the Thanet Times building (the best for Thanet sport).

The bottom two were revealed when a shop near me was recently renovated. I snapped it just in time, as the old sign was painted over the next week. The Gill-esque lettering was hand-painted; a magnificent example of the almost lost art of sign painting.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Great Penguin cover

Penguin can almost do no wrong in my eyes. This cover is from their new Central European Classics range. I'm afraid I didn't get the designer's name though.

Best of British

Spotted in a shop window in Hampstead, London. I believe it's by the excellent Satoshi Hashimoto, but if you know otherwise, please let me know.


A symphony in chrome, leather and steel. Just perfection.

Intriguing calligraphy

Beautiful flowing script found in an antique shop in Bromyard, which reminds me of the work of the great Marian Bantjes.