Thursday, 21 February 2008

Tales of Horror double cassette

Okay, first let's state the obvious: the typography was never going to win any awards, and the Illustration is just comical – I've never seen a tamer pair of rats than the two menacing that bandaged hand. But for all that something made me pick up this twin cassette pack, and then buy it, despite not having owned a tape player for some years. Why? Partly nostalgia for a certain strain of naive and lurid packaging I suppose, but also because, for all its naivety, this box has an excellent feel to it. The heft is just right, the cases are firmly attached to the outer, and the whole thing opens and falls flat in a most satisfying manner. Having handled some music packaging recently where the design was fine but the materials were sadly lacking, this little case reinforced how important such decisions are. I think that observation is sufficient to qualify 'Tales of Horror' as inspirational.

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