Sunday, 13 January 2008

More Fact:

As promised, here is more of Fact:, the political magazine produced by Herb Lubalin and Ralph Ginzburg before they brought us Eros and Avant Garde. The typography was always austere, always authoritative—and, like the serious newspapers of the day—always black and white. Where Ginzburg departed from the newspaper editors of the day however, was in his willingness to run scandalous and outright libellous headlines, as here, in his outspoken attack on Bobby Kennedy. This issue came out in August 1964. By November Bobby's brother would be dead and such a headline would be unthinkable, as millions pinned their hopes to a young man who would himself fall to an assassin's bullet before the decade was out.

The back cover was used interchangeably, sometimes for small ads, sometimes as a contents page or sometimes as a longer issue flag, to highlight more stories. Two versions are shown here.


Anonymous said...

They're brilliant. Do you actually own copies of it?

PRP said...

Yes, about six copies. But it ran for a few years so there are several volumes around.

Stephen said...

Fact: Herb Lubalin is a genius!