Wednesday, 19 September 2007


As a long-standing admirer of Herb Lubalin's work I'm delighted to finally get my hands on some copies of Fact, the magazine he created with Alan Ginzburg's brother Ralph after the short-lived but influential Eros.

Eros is a staple of graphic design compendiums but Fact is seldom seen, perhaps because the content largely consists of two-column articles interspersed by political cartoons, al a The New Yorker. Nevertheless Lubalin produced some excellent, typographic covers for Fact, all built around the idea of completing the sentence begun by the logo. I've just received these two copies through the post. I may post more when I receive them.


Anonymous said...

Wow they're ace. I think they look really great. I look forward to the other covers

Zaida said...

Well written article.