Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Czech & Polish posters

I've just come back from Eastern Europe, where I came across this man's shop in Prague. It was tempting to buy the whole shop, but I made do with a handful of posters. The tall green screenprint is for a Czech film from 1948, and was apparently the last to be made in that format before the Communists standardised poster sizes. From the bold simplicity I thought it was from the '60s at first, and was amazed to discover how old it really was.

The four smaller ones are a mixture of Czech and Polish film posters, and finally the large one is from another poster shop, this time in Krakow. It's for a '70s literary festival, and the quality of the screened overprint is best appreciated close up.

I also bought some fantastic stuff from a market in Krakow, of which more when I get around to scanning it.


Anonymous said...

Those posters are ace. Were they very expensive? what is the shop called you went to?

PRP said...

Glad you like them — even with the dodgy photography. They weren't too expensive: the most costly was the long green one for about £60. The Prague shop was called Agentura ProVas www.agenturaprovas.cz